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Use Your COVID Downtime to Make a New Home Wish List!

Maybe you haven’t started looking yet, or you found a home you love but COVID is postponing the move. Either way, you can use this time of waiting to create a plan or wish list for what you want to find or the changes you want to make. The best way to start this list is to use your current space to decide what you wouldn’t want in a new home.

Start with what works and what doesn’t. Make a list of what you love about your current place, and what you don’t. What room is your favorite? What makes it your favorite? Take the time to think about what features make that room favorable. How about the structure? If you currently have low ceilings, decide if you want higher ceilings in your next space. Go through each feature you dislike and try to figure out how your new home can be better.

Take time to ask yourself how you feel when you are home. Do you need more space? Maybe you have too much space now and realize you have too much clutter because of that. Does your current layout suit your style and needs? Maybe an open floor plan would work better than what you have now – make sure you note that. Decide if your current number of bathrooms and bedrooms suits your needs, or will suit your needs in the future.

Next, consider your outdoor space and neighborhood. Do you find yourself spending all your time indoors because you don’t have an outdoor space you love? Do you wish you were closer to a park? If you constantly feel stuck inside, you should decide if that is impacted by your yearning to spend time inside because you enjoy that space or because you can’t enjoy your space outside.

Once you’ve completed your list, reach out to your local real estate agent and start looking for a home that checks the boxes you need today!

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