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Room Too Dark? Here’s How To Double The Light!

Not every room is blessed with good natural light.. Sometimes when a window isn’t placed well, or isn’t there at all, it can be hard to work around, while other times, the window is in a great spot but is being blocked outside by trees or other plants. If you struggle with poorly lit rooms, there’s a simple trick to try to boost the light in that spice.

The trick is to place a lamp in front of a mirror. The idea is that the mirror will bounce back any of the light the lamp gives off, easily growing your light source. One of the best uses of this trick is in the bedroom on a nightstand or dresser.  If your bedroom isn’t dark in terms of sunlight, but dark in terms of decor, this trick also works well to liven up the space.

Apart from being a smart way to spread light in a darker space, symmetrical mirrors, lamps and nightstands also add the perfect touch to most rooms to help them feel cozy.. Darker shades force light up and down from the lamp, so placing the mirror in a way that catches both angles is key.

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