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Grey Is Out, Earth Tones Are In!

Shades of tan were all the rage for years. It was impossible to find a home that had any ‘modern’ paint styles when wood finishes and brown decor were everywhere. Over the last half decade, there was a major shift to sleek white or gray walls paired with metal finishes. While it seemed like that trend would stick around for a while, it seems that home decor is slowly shifting back to earthy tones. If you love those hues or soft pastels, here are some colors that might inspire your next paint job!

Earth Tones

2020 has been the time to let nature inspire design As many of us look for more ways to unplug in the time of COVID, shades of chestnut, burgundy, and deep olive green can offer a natural element to your indoor space. Try adding a dark earth tone to an accent wall as an easy way to introduce color into a neutral room.

Delicate Pastels

Soft pastels such as pale pinks, greens, and blues can bring peace to a space and give your eyes a chance to relax. Pastel colors with gray undertones can help diffuse the color saturation, making it softer on the eye. Try pastels on cabinetry, interior doors, or a bathroom vanity where the area already has neutral tones.

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