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Garden Trends to Revamp Your Landscaping

It’s an exciting time for gardeners. We’ve reached mid-spring and now is the time to start making our summer-garden plans. While it’s always important to touch up your garden this time of year, why not go a little bigger this time and give your landscape a complete renovation with these hot summer trends?

1. Go Bold
Plant dahlias such as the Coral Gypsy, Tempest, and Beach Bum varieties to bring bright color to your yard. Planting summer-cypress adds serious pops of color, and by adding some of your standard favorites, you can perfectly complement the bright reds. For year-round boldness, plant some hardy succulents or evergreens in large, brightly colored planters that make a statement.

Wildflower and perennial meadows also create a casual style of planting. Gardens are getting more natural and less manicured, so you should think about how you can keep your arrangements loose and less structured, which will make your garden standout. Think like the Japanese, who are known to embrace garden imperfections, asymmetry, and incompleteness.

2. Try Textures
Silvery dusty miller and ruffled ferns are in style this season. Bounce colors off one another with orange lilies and purple verbena. Contrast shapes by planting things like yucca and lantana. Don’t forget those hanging baskets, either. Start your hanging basket with a tall statement piece, surround it with something that fills the gaps well, and finish with some color to spill over the edges.

3. Get Cooking
Spending more and more time outside, including time to make a nice meal, is nothing new. Outdoor kitchens are rising in popularity, especially for homeowners who entertain a lot. When designing your outdoor cooking space, try to take your design choices in a different direction than your indoor kitchen to keep the space feeling unique. Contrasting the indoors with the outdoors is what will make your space feel truly refreshing.

4. Get Out
A place to relax within your garden can feel like a vacation, especially for those who don’t have the time for an official trip. Creating a lovely area to relax, read, or meditate is gaining in popularity as people become more aware of the need to decompress. Find a secluded space in your garden and set up some of your favorite chairs and a table. Or if you want to go big, build a little open-air art studio situated around or within your favorite plantings. A garden is a great place to refresh after a long day.

5. Give Back
You can get much more enjoyment out of something when you share it. Give to your neighbors and give back to the planet. Look into how you can make your garden a Certified Wildlife Habitat to benefit wildlife. Donate some of your fresh produce to your local food bank or share with your neighbors to really build a feeling of homeliness. Find natural solutions for weeds, slugs, and snails. Include plants that attract pollinators. Enhance your soil with organic compost by creating your own composter. It’s simple and keeps a lot of waste out of the garbage piles and puts it to work in your garden. You can also buy packaged or bulk compost at most home and garden stores.

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