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Monthly Archives: July 2022

    4 Tips to Disguise Your Propane Tank

    By Cassie Hollis | July 21, 2022

    Are you one of the 50 million Americans relying on propane gas to heat your home this winter? Well, then kudos are in order! Using propane not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions, it also helps you save on energy costs. But there is one major con when it comes to using propane as your primary... Read More

    The Weird World of Unsolicited Offers

    By Cassie Hollis | July 11, 2022

    If you’re one of those lucky people who own a home in a “hot” area, it’s a pretty sweet feeling. You made a good real estate call. If you decide to sell, all signs point to it being an easy and lucrative transaction. It’s all enough to make a person do a Snoopy-style happy dance.... Read More

    5 Gifts To Leave For Your Old Home’s New Owners

    By Cassie Hollis | July 7, 2022

    Selling a home is an emotional event. You are leaving behind a house filled with memories and venturing off to someplace new. The people buying your home are excited to create their own memories in a home that you loved for so many years. Welcome them with a thoughtful gift that will leave a lasting... Read More