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Monthly Archives: June 2022

    What Can a Landlord Deduct from Your Deposit?

    By Cassie Hollis | June 27, 2022

    Maybe you didn’t think twice when you put a big security deposit on that fancy apartment two summers ago. But now that you’re getting ready to move again, you might be wondering how much of that deposit you’ll actually get back. Believe it or not, your deposit isn’t at the mercy of your landlord. Tenants... Read More

    Chattanooga’s Best of the Best 2022!

    By Cassie Hollis | June 23, 2022

    I have years of experience helping Buyers and Sellers navigate Chattanooga and the Surrounding Areas. As an experienced Realtor, I know how to handle every aspect of the process and represent the best interests of Buyers & Sellers. My comprehensive, high-quality services are my top priority to make the experience for you more enjoyable and... Read More

    6 Mortgage Tips for Single Parents!

    By Cassie Hollis | June 23, 2022

    If you’re a single parent, it’s arguably more challenging to buy a home than for those in a partnership with dual incomes. Yet it’s easy to see why so many single parents are eager to purchase a house. Beyond finding a perfect kitchen and playroom, owning a home is an integral part of building a... Read More

    How to spot a walkable neighborhood

    By Cassie Hollis | June 16, 2022

    Strolling to a cafe for breakfast, walking around the corner to yoga—isn’t that the life? Before you buy or rent, here’s how to suss out whether a neighborhood you’re interested in will let you get out from behind the wheel. See what locals have to say. When it comes to picking a neighborhood, do a... Read More

    What is an iBuyer?

    By Cassie Hollis | June 6, 2022

    It is time to sell your home, which means there are several decisions that will need to be made including what transaction type will work best for you. FSBO (for sale by owner), hire a licensed real estate agent, or work with an iBuyer? Most home-sellers consider the first two options; however, it may be... Read More