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Monthly Archives: April 2022

    6 Tips for Buying in a Competitive Market!

    By Cassie Hollis | April 28, 2022

    The housing market is hot. On fire, actually—and it doesn’t seem to be dying anytime soon. This can be scary because of how tough it is to buy a home in a competitive market.  1. Do Your Pre-Approval Homework Before you even start looking at actual homes, head on over to a lender (or multiple... Read More

    5 Financing Essentials for Buying Property at a Real Estate Auction

    By Cassie Hollis | April 18, 2022

    Pandemic-related mortgage bailouts are ending, and foreclosures are now rising. Foreclosure stats jumped 32% in the third quarter of this year from the second quarter and were 67% higher than the third quarter of 2020. With foreclosures flooding the market, it’s “standing room only” at real estate auction sales these days. Those properties are selling... Read More

    3 Simple DIY Driveway Ideas!

    By Cassie Hollis | April 7, 2022

    Nowhere to park? Create your own driveway with one of these affordable methods. A DIY driveway can be an easy want to add parking or improve the look of your home. Here are three relatively simple options. 1. Carve out a parking pad The easiest, most affordable way to get an extra parking space is... Read More