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Monthly Archives: November 2021

    Find and Fix Drafty Windows!

    By Cassie Hollis | November 29, 2021

    Before the cold sets in, it’s important to ensure that your home remains comfortable despite the outside temperatures. It’s important to take a close look at your windows. Windows with air leaks not only let in cold air but also allow heated air to escape. There are many ways to seal such drafts — but... Read More

    Are Millennials Buying Homes For Their Dogs?

    By Cassie Hollis | November 18, 2021

    Millennials tend to get a bad rap for being, well, different from the generations that precede them. And while there’s little evidence to back up the stereotypes about Americans roughly aged 18 to 39, one thing is certain: Millennials make up the largest generation in U.S. history. And despite their historic low rate of homeownership, 31 percent... Read More