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Monthly Archives: October 2021

    Pros & Cons of Adding A Fence To Your Property!

    By Cassie Hollis | October 28, 2021

    Have you been considering adding a fence to your property? Maybe you are wanting to increase your home value, or you just want a little more privacy. If you’re wondering about some of the advantages and disadvantages of adding a fence to your home, we’ve got the top contenders on both sides for you below!... Read More

    What Might Your Homeowners Insurance NOT Cover?

    By Cassie Hollis | October 25, 2021

    There are things that can happen to their homes that their homeowners insurance policies don’t cover. Fire is the basic coverage provided by an insurance policy, while other common perils are water damage, theft, wind and liability. Earthquake and flood usually require a separate policy. In some states you can add earthquake coverage as an endorsement. It... Read More

    Buying a Townhome? Ask These Questions!

    By Cassie Hollis | October 21, 2021

    If you want to buy a house but worry about keeping up with a big yard, you may have thought about buying a townhome. Townhomes, like condos and co-ops, are CIDs, or common interest developments. In a CID, neighbors share more than just a street name – their properties are entwined as well. But unlike... Read More

    How To Prepare For Professional Movers!

    By Cassie Hollis | October 18, 2021

    Moving into a new home can be an exciting life change, but it comes with its own set of stresses. Whether it’s cross-country or cross-town, a move requires a lot of work to pack up your belongings, transport them and lug them into your new place. Professional movers can be a big help because they... Read More

    What Is The Goal Of Staging Your Home?

    By Cassie Hollis | October 11, 2021

    When the real estate market turns sluggish, you may have to take steps to set your home apart from others. It won’t be enough to just put out a for-sale sign and wait for potential buyers. One way that homeowners can sell their homes more speedily is by home staging, which can have the added benefit of... Read More

    Do I Need Neutral Painted Walls To Sell My Home?

    By Cassie Hollis | October 4, 2021

    “If you want to sell your home, paint your rooms beige.” That could be the rallying cry of real estate agents across the country, and for good reason. Presentation and first impressions mean everything when selling a home, and the men and women who make their living selling homes know that neutral colors will generally spark more... Read More