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Monthly Archives: February 2021

    Don’t Forget To Update Your Address When You Move!

    By Cassie Hollis | February 25, 2021

    Moving can be a lot. From selling your home or wrapping up a lease to finding a new place to live and all the packing and planning in-between, sometimes things can fall through the cracks. One thing to add to your to-do list so you do not forget it is updating your addresses. While the... Read More

    Why Low Inventory Is Good For Sellers!

    By Cassie Hollis | February 5, 2021

    There is high buyer activity and a historically low number of houses for sale right now. The perfect time for homeowners to sell their house is when the demand for homes is higher than what’s available for sale. Here are a few ways that low inventory can help you get a great deal if you’ve... Read More

    7 Tips To Make Moving Less Awful!

    By Cassie Hollis | February 1, 2021

    There is so much excitement around moving into a new home until it comes time to pack up and actually move! While the idea of moving is great, the work it involves can often be overwhelming. Moving requires hard work but it is possible to cut down on the aggravation and anxiety by taking steps... Read More