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10 Winter House Plants for Your Home

Cold weather tends to keep some of us indoors during the long winter months. But there is some hope in battling the cabin fever that can make us feel a little blue. Houseplants are a great way to bring some fresh air and greenery into your home during winter.

With National Houseplant Appreciation Day (January 10) just passed, what better way to start combatting cabin fever than by adding a few houseplants to your home? Here are 10 easy-to-care-for houseplants that can help bring fresh life to your home this winter and all year long:

1. Garden Mums: Still have some mums left over from this fall? Keep them around to help you get through the cold this winter. They’re colorful and they’ll help provide cleaner, fresher air in your home during any season.

2. Spider Plants: This is one type of spider you’ll always be glad to find in your home. Spider plants add great color and grow well with little care. In fact, this plant doesn’t need much light and is even happy when its soil dries out between watering.

3. Ficus Trees: Want to add some height to the greens in your home? Bring in a ficus tree that could grow to be taller than you! This houseplant does like a lot of light, but it can grow well with little water.

4. Aloe Plants: You probably already know that this plant’s gel can help soothe burns and cuts. But did you also know that an aloe plant can help soothe cabin fever? This sun-loving plant will help clean the air in your home in addition to showing off its bright green hue.

5. Peace Lilies: Not only will this plant help freshen the air in your home all year long, but its flowers will also be a welcome sight each summer. Peace lilies do well in shady areas and will droop a bit to let you know they need a drink of water.

6. Bamboo Palms: Though it is important to make sure this houseplant gets lots of water, the bamboo palm grows well in both sun and shade. It can last in a home for years, which makes this houseplant an excellent addition to your regular décor.

7. Dragon Trees: If you’re looking to add more than just fresh green to your home, consider the dragon tree. Its leaves can be either green or purple! The dragon tree doesn’t need much light and will happily live indoors or outside once warmer weather arrives.

8. Chinese Evergreen: Also known for its vibrant colors, the Chinese evergreen grows well with little light. It is great for most homeowners but is one that pet owners might want to stay away from as it can be toxic to our four-legged family members.

9. Snake Plants: Don’t be turned away by this houseplant’s name. The snake plant can be a beautiful addition to your home décor. The fact that it is easy to care for doesn’t hurt either! This plant does well in dry conditions with some sun and occasional water.

10. English Ivy: With just a little water, a little sun and a little shade, an English ivy plant can thrive in your home all winter long. In fact, it can live for several years. Or, once the weather breaks, you could transfer this houseplant outdoors to welcome spring.

Celebrate a belated National Houseplant Appreciation Day by picking up an easy-to-care-for green or two for your home decor.

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